Monday, June 21, 2010

The Post Office

Who knew that it was an IF trap? Last Thursday, I was waiting in line with my six year old niece. This lady in front of me felt the need to keep trying to talk to us, like it was okay because child was in tow. Anyways, there was this guy in line buying stamps obviously for his wedding invitations. The old lady in front of me plus the two ladies in front of her thought this was just so cute!

Then he leaves so old lady turns to the other lady and comments, "Well he's no spring chicken." The other lady comments that it's a good idea to wait until later. Old lady comments, "Yes, it's good to wait but I'm a social worker in adoption and waiting really takes a toll on the woman's fertility." Then they carry on about IF and adoption and blah blah blah.

It's a good thing my eyes didn't get stuck in the back of my head from all the eye rolling I was doing. Seriously, who knew that the post office who spark an IF statement? And that poor guy...he was just trying to get stamps for his wedding!


Conceptionally Challenged said...

IF lurks everywhere. And in this case, the comments were only partially true -- far from all cases of IF are related to age (of either partner).

Adie said...

Wow, I have become more atuned to it lately, because of my dear friends. People just should mind their own business!!