Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Planning-HA! What a Joke!

So when we started TTC, I had it all planned out in my head. We'd start in October and be pregnant by December. I hadn't quite figured out how we'd tell our immediate families but for our Christmas card list, I was going to put, Happy Holidays! P.S. We're pregnant! This is how we announced our engagement so I thought how fitting, super cute, I'm all about tradition-it was going to be great.

Did I mention that my best friend got pregnant in September as did another good friend? Awesome! I was super excited when I found out because I was going to be pregnant with them. I mean, how much fun would it be to be pregnant with your best friends. To sit around together or on the phone comparing stories, "No my stretch marks are bigger than your stretch really, I measure, 4 inches-top that!" I mean it would be amazing!

I'd be 27 when baby #1 came out, then we'd wait 4 years and start for #2 and I'd be 31-32ish, things were going to work out great. I'd even started thinking about who would watch the baby. I had this person in mind who would do a fantastic job, she actually started her own at home daycare in January.

See, I had it all planned out...HA! WHAT A JOKE!!!


Conceptionally Challenged said...

(hugs) It's so hard to see your dreams go down, to realize how naive you were, isn't it?
As I had surgery for endometriosis years ago, and was warned about potential effects on fertility, I didn't officially expect anything to happen immediately. And was still disappointed when it didn't. Without a warning, and then being told that IVF is basically your only chance, it must be shocking -- like a car crash. Thinking of you.

Jessica White said...

The best laid plans of mice and men: We'd have 3 kids by now and be planning our home study to adopt our fourth.

Thinking about you guys.